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About Us

Who We Are


The Mission of PMF is not only to work on the Perception of people towards Mental Health and Psychology, but also to create a perception towards this area.


-To make Psychology a household term.

-Mental Health Advocacy.

What We Do

Positive Psychology

PeacfulMind Foundation came in to being in July 2015 and has, in a short span of time grown exponentially across borders, today PMF is a…

Training Programs

PeacfulMind Foundation conducts various workshops and training program to promote psychology and impart excellence to individuals who are dedicated for the same cause. PMF has…

Community Services

List of Training & Workshops Conducted By PeacfulMind Stress Perception And Management - Lazarus Way – Workshop demonstrating the different viewpoints of perceiving stress and ways…

Attend Our Workshops

PeacfulMind Organises various workshops and Training Sessions. Enroll with us to take part.

Our Initiatives

Global Youth Mental Health Forum

The Global Youth Mental Health Forum (GYMHF) is a global platform powered by Peacful Mind Foundation, based in New Delhi, India. Initiated in 2018 by PMF as "Youth Forum", its mission is cited as "Better Mindscape for Better tomorrow". The forum will…

Global Academy of Psychological Sciences

The Global Academy of Psychological Sciences  is an online E-Learning Portal that has been created to facilitate online learning, testing and certification specially for those who cannot attend classes, workshops or certifications physically. At present the Learning Portal has the…

Dr. Nabhit Kapur - Founder

Dr. Nabhit Kapur named most influential Psychologist Globally by FAAVM Canada, is a Psychology expert, social sector entrepreneur, pioneer, professional mentor and a global champion of positive mental health and well-being among all sections of society. Despite his humble beginnings, he has pioneered and successfully directed mainstreaming mental health as an acceptable, addressable and a real form of ailment for humanity.
At a young age of 28, he founded PeacfulMind Foundation, to empower individuals to take charge of their own wellness and to ‘make Psychology a household term’.
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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common childhood neurodevelopmental psychiatric disorder that cause attention deficits, hyperactivity, or impulsiveness which is not appropriate for a person’s age.…

Cerebral Palsy

Children who suffer from cerebral palsy may have trouble with speaking, hearing and balancing and may not be able to walk properly. They suffer many difficulties in doing things that other…


-By Vidhi Talwar Mental health is something that brings up the fittest form a human being and helps in development of mental intelligence. It’s the balance between productive activities and…

Our Team

Nice to meet you

Dr Prabhjeet Singh Narula is currently the Director of Peacful Mind and specializes in Psychometric Testing, Psychotherapy & Counselling. In addition, he is also serving as Vice- Chairman for Global Psychology and Language Research Association since Jun’16. He is also working as Consultant Psychologist with Eden Hospital, New Delhi. Prior…

Mr. Ankur Chaudhary currently working as the brand manager in Peacfulmind foundation is an illustrator, graphic designer, and painter from New Delhi India. He has worked with global brands in various verticals of creativity. He has been running multiple personal campaigns on social media under the name of 'TheFourthFace' to…

Mr. Shaurya Kapoor is currently working as in PeacfulMind Foundation. He is a computer science graduate and gold medalist. He handles the IT for PeacfulMind and has his own start-up by the name of RightAngle Media. He has worked with various companies in the field of IT and service based…

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Below you will find all the information you need to contact us in whatever way suits you best.

PeacfulMind Foundation

Head Office: 149 – Sukhdev Vihar,

New Delhi


+91-9205377639, +91-9205366506 +91 8130706424

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