What We Do

Positive Psychology

The Professional counselors at Peacful Mind offer face to face counseling to the people about their mental health and explore

Training Programs

Transactional Analysis – Games People Play – Workshop demonstrating the unit of social intercourse for personal growth

Community Services

Stress Perception And Management – Lazarus Way – Workshop demonstrating the different viewpoints of perceiving stress

About Peacful Mind Foundation

The Mission of PMF is not only to work on the Perception of people towards Mental Health and Psychology, but also to create a perception towards this area.

- To make Psychology a household term.
- Mental Health Advocacy.

Our Achievements

  • Best Mental Healthcare Institution award by ABS in April 2016
  • Most Emerging Mental Health Practitioner in India award by ABS in April 2016
  • Best One to One Career counseling award by DSGMC In April 2016
  • Best Mental Health Promoter and well being Award by Minister of Kenya, December 2015 in Mauritius
  • Teaching Excellence in Psychology, November 2015
  • Best Innovative Practices in Mental Health by Asian Leadership Awards , Dubai

Who We Are

Peacful Mind Foundation has already engaged in multiple awareness generation programs via community programs and social forums, multimedia campaigns, policy advocacy and partnerships with sector organizations, corporate entities, and schools.

Our Services

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Our Appreciation

“It was a pleasure to attend the meeting of Peacful Mind Foundation and to learn of their quest to bring about a qualitative change in perception of psychology as a science for betterment of the stressed humanity. Was surprised to learn that we lack a regulatory mechanism for certification and quality control like the MCI (not that it has acquitted itself creditably) of the current and prospective clinical psychologists. Happy to see good work done by Dr. Nabhit Kapur and team in several countries like Sri Lanka, Singapore and Jordan, etc through collaborations. I am also thankful to the Foundation for conferring their leadership award.”

“I have recommended Peacful mind  to another company who has viewed the work they have done for us. I would not hesitate to recommend them in the future, we are very pleased with the work.”

““I am to thank Dr. Nabhit Kapur for the eyeopening lecture at the University of Nairobi on Better Mindscape for a Better Tomorrow. It was great to hear someone who truly believes that psychotherapy is the way to go, to achieve a peaceful mind unlike the use of drugs.””

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