About Us

Welcome To Peacful Mind Foundation

We understand mental health needs are diverse and span a wide spectrum of ages, social contexts and family structures. With passing time the number of people suffering from depression, anxiety,and mood and personality disorders, troubled relationships, behavioral disorders and learning disabilities (specifically in children), restlessness, mental exhaustion, de-motivation, social isolation has shockingly increased. The experts at Peacful Mind Foundation handle such cases through specialized clinical service like Psychometric/Diagnostic/Academic Assessments, Psychotherapy, Child Guidance, Individual and Family Counselling, Behaviour Therapy, Psychiatric Treatment and Rehabilitation.

For over a long time, Peacful Mind Foundation has been actively upholding psychosocial health and wellbeing, in addition to addressing psychological disorders. Foundation’s approach is to view mental health needs through a positive lens. The solutions that Peacful Mind Foundation has successfully implemented harmonize our work with our mission of providing services that are positive, preventive and promotional, in a way that is accessible and affordable for all sections of the society.

The Three Critical Aspects of Our Approach To Mental Health Include:

  • Understanding mental health from a psycho-social perspective.
  • Demonstrating the linkages between mental health, discrimination, poverty and access to justice.
  • De-stigmatizing mental health issues and creating both a demand and a supply for mental health care among the most marginalized communities.

Peacful Mind Foundation works both at the demand and supply end of a community’s mental health needs continuum in a non hospital setting.

Peacful Mind Foundation has already engaged in multiple awareness generation programs via community programs and social forums, multimedia campaigns, policy advocacy and partnerships with sector organizations, corporate entities, and schools. These activities are instrumental in integrating mental health concerns into general health concerns of the society and creating a demand for mental health care through identification of concerns.