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-By Vidhi Talwar
Mental health is something that brings up the fittest form a human being and helps in development of mental intelligence. It’s the balance between productive activities and the flexibility to deal with challenges. Recently, the WHO conducted studies of mental disorders in general population groups in different countries. Another major project focused on developing an assessment instrument suitable for use by clinicians and also study was initiated to develop an instrument for the assessment of personality disorders in different countries.

There are many psychological factors which may lead to mental illness. Sometimes mental illness run in families. They have these disorders embedded in genes and hence they transfer from generation to generation. It also depends how the genes interact with the environment which is unique for every person. Secondly, it can also be infectious like brain damage and development of mental illness or the worsening of its symptoms. The intake of poor nutrition is also a factor of mental illness. Exposure to toxins such as lead may play a role in development of mental illnesses. It is not necessary that mental illness is always caused by some internal defects but it may also can be caused by external scenario of a person. Death, divorce, problems in family life ,low self-esteem, loneliness , anxiety , anger , job issues , bullying , social and cultural expectations.

Just as physical health helps our body in providing stability, mental fitness helps us to achieve a state of good mental health. When we are actually in a good mental state, we enjoy our life, try out new things and take risks. We become capable of handling our personal and professional lives.

If people go through a period of poor mental health, it frequently becomes difficult, or even impossible to cope up. Experiencing a mental health problem is often upsetting, confusing and frightening, particularly at first. This may stop you from talking about your problems or seeking help from others. This in turn increases distress and sense of isolation. Mental heath problems can happen to all kinds of people from different walks of life. And when someone finds a combination of self-care, treatment and support that works, they will get better. If we think positive then it is a very small thing which is to be cured but ,if we take it as our worst nightmare then we will end up making negative things in our mind.

So, it’s just the creation of our mind that mental problems cannot be solved, it’s us who have made it complicated, it’s us who have let mental problems get over our lives ,it’s just the pressure which we have created but in reality it’s not as complicated as we think it is.

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