Chairperson’s Message

Hon. Chairperson – Ms. Amita Kapur

From The Chairperson’s Desk

Humans are fascinating. With that one belief on my mind and a lot of curiosity that stemmed from observing others, I found my life’s calling at a very young age. It was almost with a sense of urgency that I delved deep into the mysteries of the human mind through my education and extensive research in the field of Psychology.

The people we meet every day make for the most vibrant palette of dynamic differences that one can possibly imagine. What makes them tick? What keeps them going? What makes them who they are? What can be done to help them? Too many questions, too little time; yet the tiniest movements are a giveaway. Something as mundane as handwriting can answer a myriad of questions. As it turns out, not everyone can have a spectacular cursive hand because that’s just not them. Through Parapsychology, we’ve gone a step closer to understanding a person that much more- their personality structures, their potentials and their weaknesses that may be holding them back, thus helping them lead more holistic lives.

But I remember the words that Robert Frost once wrote “there are miles to go…”, and indeed, there are miles to go before we discover and contribute to this wonderful field of Psychology. One step at a time.

H.E. Mr. Anil Trigunayat (former Ambassador to Jordan) being conferred the Late Mr. R.K. Kapur Leadership Award”