Positive Psychology

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PeacfulMind Foundation came in to being in July 2015 and has, in a short span of time grown exponentially across borders, today PMF is a name to reckon with. PMF works on the Ethos” WE WONT GIVE UPON YOU” so as to empower anyone, especially those experiencing Psychological health problems, emotional turmoil, adjustment issues & concerns and it’s endeavor is to make it(Psychology) a household name far and wide, without any stigma or prejudice.

At PMF the Team is passionate and driven about mental wellbeing & Psychology and we boast of a fine team of highly accomplished Psychologists, Counseling Psychologists, and Therapists on our directory who are diligently helping out people in large numbers across all ages.

It caters to anyone and everyone in society & also extends to professionals who wish to enhance, add to or hone their skills in the field of Psychology, Counseling, psychometric testing, Therapy, Child Psychology etc.

The Organization proudly boasts of a wide footfall of students taking up our programs from across many countries so as to be skilled enough to be the agents of change.

PMF has a very fine global outreach to many countries such as Dubai, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Malawi, Jordan, Kenya and etc ,our ties with these nations are only strengthening with each passing time.

PMF regularly and efficiently hold and conducts workshops, conferences in multinational organizations, both nationally as well as internationally, Diverse training programs and tailor made workshops and capsules in Educational institutions across.

Type of Psychology :-
Role of Psychology In Army
Role of Psychology In Recruitment/HR
Psychologists In Health Care And Hospitals
Psychologists In Clinics
Role of Psychology In Drdo/Air Force
Psychologists In Legal System And Governance
Psychologists In Colleges
School Psychological Counselor
Aviation Mental Health Assessor/Trainer
Psychology In Politics

Created By Shaurya Kapoor