Training Programs

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PeacfulMind Foundation conducts various workshops and training program to promote psychology and impart excellence to individuals who are dedicated for the same cause. PMF has conducted more than 30 workshops last year for students, teachers, govt officials, police man etc.

List of Training & Workshops Conducted By PeacfulMind
Transactional Analysis - Games People Play – Workshop demonstrating the unit of social intercourse for personal growth conducted in New Delhi.

Life Cycle of Self Esteem – Workshop demonstrating the development of Self esteem throughout an individuals’ life (self-esteem is relatively high in childhood, drops during adolescence (particularly for girls), rises gradually throughout adulthood, and then declines sharply in old age) conducted for parents, teachers and doctors.

Ego Management - Workshop demonstrating that ego is one of most self-destructive mechanisms of a person’s character and his or her abilities and the level of success one can achieve post managing ego can be dramatic conducted for professionals and students in New Delhi.

Logical Reasoning Skills – workshop demonstrating deducting, inductive and adductive reasoning, their importance in our day to day activities conducted for professionals, teachers, doctors and HR in New Delhi.

Self-Compassion In Inner And Outer Relationships - Workshop on self, relationship between inner self and outward behaviour for college students in New Delhi.

Depression In The Anxious, Worrier And Perfectionists – Workshop displaying the differences in causes of depression among different personality types.

Bipolar Disorder: The Essential Psychological Toolkit – Workshop on what is bipolar disorder, Type I and II bipolar disorder, the importance of accurate assessment and diagnosis of bipolar disorder at right time, and effective psychological interventions of BD conducted at Rashida Hospital, Jordan

Graphology And Its Use In Managerial Skills – workshop conducted for professionals from worldwide on graphology (Handwriting analysis) and its importance in Human Resource Development Department conducted in Dubai.

Communication Skill Enhancement Workshop Amongst Pre-Schoolers – An awareness program on Communication Skills – Good Touch Bad Touch for teachers of preschools conducted on the occasion of world mental health day in New Delhi.

Developing The Middle Level Management – workshop on developing the skills of middle level professionals conducted in New Delhi for Acreaty Management.

Psychometrics Training Cum Workshop For Pilots on Aviation Psychology – 7 days’ workshop cum training of psychometrics and aviation psychology for aviation students conducted in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Health Talk on Stress And Lifestyle Management – 1 day training cum health talk for empowering college students with coping skills and lifestyle management for stress conducted in Faridabad, Haryana.

Graphology – Handwriting Psychology – 3 workshops conducted on handwriting analysis on corporate, professors, doctors, educators, airline personnel’s, police personnel’s and students conducting in Colombo, Kandy and Sri Jayewardenepura University, Sri Lanka.

Intensive Workshop on Thematic Apperception Test – 2 days intensive hands on training cum workshop on TAT conducted in New Delhi.

Neurological Basis of Signatures - 2 days accredited workshop on neurological connections of scripts and signatures with behaviour, personality, health and illness conducted in New Delhi.

Handwriting Psychology -2 days’ workshop conducted for presenters in global conference at NTU-Singapore.

Handwriting Analysis - 1 day workshop in Delhi

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