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List of Training & Workshops Conducted By PeacfulMind

Stress Perception And Management - Lazarus Way – Workshop demonstrating the different viewpoints of perceiving stress and ways managing them such as distraction, emotional disclosure, mindfulness, cognitive reappraisal, journalizing (writing diary) and suppressing conducted for college students in New Delhi.

Coping With Problem Solving Skills – workshop for spreading awareness about the effects of the problem-solving to enhance effective coping skills and psychological adjustment conducted for corporates’ in Gurgaon, Haryana.

Academic skills workshop – Workshops for developing skills related to  time management, reading proficiency, oral communication, written communication, critical thinking, research abilities, analytical thinking and problem solving conducted for students and professionals in New Delhi.

Depression Dilemma – Health talk on what is depression, its types and causal factors of depression.

Managing The Complexity of Depression – Workshop on spreading awareness about what is depression, causal factors of depression, complexity in handling mood swings and family and Importance of being happy

Addressing Non-Melancholic – A health talk on reactive depression and the contribution of specific life events or on-going life events in the development of this type of depression and importance of being happy and engaged in activities.

Building Resilience To Mood Disorders: Risk Reduction, Relapse Prevention And Maintenance Strategies – workshop on spreading awareness about mood disorders, their causes, how to spot early warning signs, what to do and how to build personal resilience by seeking help, communicating more openly and honestly conducted in Jordan

Screening And Awareness of LD In Schools – awareness program – An awareness program on Learning Disability – prevalence, signs and symptoms conducted on the occasion of world mental health day in New Delhi.

Self As a Development Tool of Centre of Personality – workshop conducted to enhance the awareness about self-concept, self-esteem and how to develop them in a positive manner.

Need For Mental Health - 1 day awareness program in Dubai

Pre-Menstrual Symptoms And Social Desirability – Gyne and Obs forum- UAE

Adolescent Psychology And Its Impact on Social Life – Dubai

Postpartum Depression In Females- Dubai

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