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The Global Youth Mental Health Forum (GYMHF) is a global platform powered by Peacful Mind Foundation, based in New Delhi, India. Initiated in 2018 by PMF as "Youth Forum", its mission is cited as "Better Mindscape for Better tomorrow". The forum will focus on youth psychology, child psychology and child mental health amalgamating youths, youth activists, NGO's, psychologists from across nations. The forum will bring together many on the same platform like international political leaders, youth activists, celebrities and journalists etc to discuss the most crucial issues facing the domain of Youth Psychology. The organization also plans to convene yearly meeting in locations across Africa, Asia, and Middle East, with all its regional directors and advisors. Beside meetings, the foundation will produce youth activists in psychological first aid and will engage its members in specific initiatives.


The forum can be joined by:

  • College/university students.
  • Psychologists.
  • Youth activists.
  • Youth psychologists/psychotherapists.
  • NGO's.
  • Political figures.
  • Celebrities.
  • Economists.
  • Others (not included).

An admission fee costs $1 per person


The forum plans to initiate the following activities -

  • Discussions in various settings- (universities, colleges, NGO).
  • Workshops/Trainings.
  • Psychological First aid.
  • Meetings with youth leaders designated by GYMHF board of Governors
  • Youth Mental Health Activist Award -(30 numbers).
  • Distinguished leader in Mental Health Promotion citation-(2 numbers).
Created By Shaurya Kapoor